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"I will never be able to express fully with words or gestures how genuinely grateful I am to you for helping me release my sorrows, regain my life (and spirit), and my will to live it."  KS

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is the focus at Specialized Therapy Services and is a hands-on approach for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue restrictions that decrease range of motion and cause pain.

Cranial Sacral Therapy was invented by Dr. John Upledger, DO who worked with John F. Barnes, PT (creator of Myofascial Release) to create techniques specific to the skull and balancing of the central nervous system. This technique is utilized throughout your care at Specialized Therapy Services and can be used as the focus whenever requested. 
Crania Sacral Therapy
Reiki is an energetic therapy that focuses on how the body is balanced in regard to its flow of energy and utilizes off-body techniques. This technique is extremely useful in working with post-surgical or post traumatically injured areas of the body.

​​Specialized Therapy Services has become a distributer for the Bemer Group.  This product produces a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) that has been shown to increase oxygen levels at the microcirculation level which provides the building blocks for the body to work at it's optimum level and assist in self healing.  Current patients can now schedule time to try this product in the clinic for a discounted price.  

 Click on the BEMER Group logo for a video explanation of this technology.
?What are the costs
Out of Pocket -
The cash rate for treatment is $125.00 per session or about 60 minutes.
Out of Network Inusrance - 
Patients are responsible for understanding what their insurance benifits are.  If Specialized Therapy Services is not a participating provider in your network and you have a PPO or simular plan you may be eligable for insurance reimbursment.  Specialized Therapy Serices will bill your insurance on your behalf; however, typically there are separate (and much higher) deductables.  
In Network Insurance - 
Patients are responsible for understanding what their insurance benifits are. Specialized Therapy Services is currently in network with Medicare, HSM, WEA Trust, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and Coventry Insurance.  Please check with your plan to confirm that Specialized Therapy Services and/or Dave Vollmers, OTR/L: is actively in your network.  Once confirmed please inform us if pre-certification/authorization is required.  
BEMER sessions - 
Comming soon non patients will be able to purchase a 10 pack of sessions on the BEMER mat for $230 or individual session at $25.  Current patients are eleigable for a discounted price with sessions being scheduled now.  Each session is 8 minutes with the 10 pack offering 4 of the 10 sessions at 16 minutes each.

Below are the intake forms which you are asked to fill out prior to your initial evaluation with Specialized Therapy Services.  
Please fill them out as best you can.

Intake Form
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